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Over The Dog it is the most beautiful, distinctive and attractive kiosk ever created in fiberglass.

Resistant to sun, rain and years of durability if maintained within the standards of use.

Over The Dog is not painted and will never need to paint it again, just cleaning and polishing.

Possible "graffiti" that will suffer will be removed with paint thinner without affecting the appearance of your Dog Over.

Its shape suggests a 'giant hot dog ", but to get this kiosk, you will be getting a snack bar complete it and there is room for you to serve various types of snacks,

from traditional hotdog and drinks until krepes, fried food in general, burger , assorted sandwiches, juices and popcorn.

Easy installation and eventual removal, Over The Dog is ideal for small towns, medium and large.

With entrance and exit of personnel from the side, your Dog Over generates 2 to 7 direct jobs.

Over The Dog needs a few improvements on-site, but you can increase your sales location according to your creativity or following one of the models shown in the photo section.

The internal space holds various equipment and accessories:

Freezer tailor;

Electric cooker sauces and sausages;

Microwave or toaster oven;

Electric fryer 3 liter;

Small plaque to hamburger;



Neon bright and Procedure;

Blender, or similar to juices and vitamins.



nada.gif (822 bytes)

height: 2800 mm
length: 2840 mm

height: 2400 mm
width: 3000 mm
weight: 780 pounds



nada.gif (822 bytes)
Front compartment

Local or sheet for greenhouse or...
Height: 42 cm
Width: 93 cm
Length: 61 cm

Lateral compartment

Place oven or...
Height: 25 cm
Width: 48 cm
Length: 58 cm

nada.gif (822 bytes)
Rear compartment

Freezer place to tailor
Height: 80 cm
Width: 80 cm
Length: 70 cm